Electric Bikes are capable of doing just about everything a regular bike can do and more. So it may be you can extend what can be achieved through cycling, whether it be touring, leisure riding or daily commuting and chores. Power delivery on the best quality electric bikes, usually delivered via a clever device called a torque sensor is smooth and seamless. Modern e-bike motor power is felt most in terms of quick acceleration up to 15.5mph. See our Complete Electric Bike List Here!

Electric scooters can pose as an environmentally friendly alternative personal mode of transportation that has appeal in urban settings and for short distances. Are easy to ride and let you breeze up and down hills without even breaking a drop of sweat, can speed up to 30km/h and can be driven legally at maximum 20km/h on public roads. These scooters are a perfect commuting option without the hassle of traffic and crowded public transportations. See our complete Electric Scooters Here!

Today there’s a world of possibilities for transport and entertainment in vehicles with an electric motor. UL2272 It is a general rule, and almost all devices comply with the standard. Being very popular Hoverboards and Segway for transport, Skateboards, Heel Wheels, Trikes, and Mini Motos as an endless source of entertainment.

Whether you’re an occasional rider, a daily commuter, or a pro biker, having the right gear for the journey can make a huge difference. Or if you’re looking for a special gift for your bike? Wants a powerful light to satisfy all of your urban cycling needs? Or maybe a high-tech GPS or a new rear light system to boosts your visibility in traffic? What about a comfortably short that makes more smooth your ride?. Designed to satisfy your every demand on the road, these innovative gadgets and accessories will make your ride really smooth and secure, without sacrificing style. See our Complete Accessories List Here!

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In Best Motorized Bike you’ll find the best high performance parts to improve your motorized bicycle or to finish building the personal project that still sleeps in your garage. Cylinder Heads, Performance Pistons and Cylinders, High Output Ignition Coils, Racing Motors, Accessories and More.

Phatmoto is the affordable all-in-one motorized bike that eliminates the complexities with engine conversion kits. The pre-built, custom designed gas bike can be pedal or engine powered and travels up to 100 miles at speeds of 25mph on less than 1 gallon of gas. Far from your standard motorized gas-hybrid bike, Phatmoto hides quite a bit of convenient engineering features within traditional bike frame appearance. With Phatmoto’s fully-equipped motorized bicycle, attach the handlebars and front wheel, and with some minimal engine assembly, put in some gas and you’re off. Read more about this exceptional bike here!

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