Mountain Bike Goplus 20″ Wheel


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The e-bike adopts 100% aluminium alloy frame, which is lightweight yet durable. The front fork is made of high-strength carbon steel for better braking effect. The wheel is made of high-quality rubber so that is not easy to abrase.

Goplus Mountain Bike: Premium Quality

A very important option in the electric bicycle market comes from the Goplus brand, which presents a model of mountain bike with aluminum frame of traditional model and with an appropriate cost/benefit ratio to start in the ambit of electric all-terrain bicycles.

The first thing that attracts attention in the new Goplus mountain bike is the modern design of the whole. While its frame evokes a typical rhombus model, it has stylized lines and a wider cross bar to accommodate the battery, keeping it hidden from the eyes and contributing to the overall visual appearance.

goplus electric bike

Goplus electric bike: Modern sporty Design

The alloy rings with 5 pairs of arms have a look that greatly enhances the bike and makes it look sporty. The technical advantage of this type of wheel is that since it lacks the typical spokes, it is not necessary to carry out maintenance operations or repairs to replace any damaged spokes.

Powerful 350w Brushless Electric Motor

The engine is 350w and allows you to reach a maximum speed of 17 mph (27 kph). The maximum load capacity of the Goplus electric bicycle is 265 Lbs. (120 Kg). With respect to the 48v and 8Ah battery, it can provide a range of up to 25 miles (40 kms) on a single charge, depending on riding conditions and the rider’s weight. Once depleted, the battery will take approximately 8 hours to recharge again.

The battery is easily removable so that you have the convenience of recharging it in your home or office, while the bike is stored. On the other hand, if you want to extend the travel autonomy, you can purchase a new battery and install it once the first one has been exhausted and thus lengthen the journeys as needed.

Shimano 6 Speed Gears

The LED panel on the left handle gives you information on battery charge and electric motor assistance levels. You can opt for the free mode, in which the electrical system is turned off and you can operate the bike like a traditional one, making use of the 6 changes of the Shimano selector installed for this purpose. The second option is through the assistance to pedal by the engine and a third in which it is not necessary to pedal and the bicycle obeys the accelerator mounted on the right handlebar.

While it is true, Goplus has catalogued it as a mountain bike and the configuration of it, suggests that it is so. The truth is that this bicycle is very appropriate to paved roads, of dirt, sand or snow. The very rocky areas, thanks to the front shock absorbers installed, are very comfortable to avoid and you will not notice the rattling of the route on the handlebars. However, a ride on very rough terrain may not be very appropriate due in large part to the absence of rear suspension.

goplus electric bike

Front and rear Disc Brakes

Disc brakes on both wheels will provide an excellent sense of control over the ride and the confidence of an efficient response to an eventuality. The Goplus electric bicycle also has an LED headlamp but not a reflective headlamp on the rear. This allows us to suggest that as extra equipment, you must install at least one tail light to give you safety on night rides. In the case of the headlamp, if you want to have a better visual amplitude, also opt for an additional LED equipment.

In short, the Goplus Electric Bike is an option that stands out for its design, especially its alloy wheels, give a very sporty and modern look to the bike. We are sure that there are those who could buy it just for the design because it is very attractive. Its frame is of the traditional rhombus type, but the main lower crossbar gives it a very robust appearance as it is wider than usual on other bicycles. By accommodating the battery, its appearance is greater and additionally allows a system with key to remove it. This point is very important because it allows to recharge it out of the bicycle and in addition to have other batteries of extra replacement that can take to lengthen the route of very easy form.

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