Swagger 3 Pro Electric Scooter


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Electric Scooter: Efficient Quick-Charge Battery – With a 1.5A charger, this fast-charging electric scooter can be fully juiced and ready to roll in just under 3 hours. The battery scooter’s smart management system guards against overcharging and undervoltage, with overheating auto-shutoff.


Swagger 3 Pro Electric Scooter

The Swagger 3 Pro Electric Scooter from the Swagtron brand scales to a higher level the series of this type of models from the manufacturer based in California. Not only is it a lightweight transport vehicle, easy to fold, with good behavior and user-friendly features, but at the same time it has an elegant and modern design that houses technical details that favor a comfortable driving on the paved road or even on irregular terrain.

Front shock absorber to maximize comfort

The wheels of the Swagger 3 Pro are made of solid rubber, its mean that they do not need to be inflated with air or repaired by punctures. While the material is good for absorbing road irregularities, such wheels always tend to transmit vibrations to the driver. However, to make the journey more comfortable, Swagtron equipped the Swagger 3 Pro with a rear damping system based on a spring with the possibility of being regulated and that, in addition to absorbing the rattles of the scooter while driving, allows you to travel along irregular routes with more confidence and comfort than a similar vehicle without this equipment can offer.

swagger 3 pro electric scooter

250w Powerful Motor inside your Swagtron Swagger Electric Scooter

To take it to its destination, the Swagger 3 Pro is equipped with a 250w engine located in the front wheel and with an electronic control that offers 3 driving modes. Each of them has different speed limit scales, giving a better control if driving in areas where there are people very close who pass around. The maximum speed of the Swagger 3 Pro electric scooter is 15.5 mph (25 kph) and the range for a single charge is 14.2 miles (22.85 km). Figures definitely vary depending on driving conditions. The maximum slope you can face is 25°.

3 Hours to fully charge Battery

Once you have finished your journey, it is advisable to connect the Swagger 3 Pro electric scooter to the charger to recharge the battery power. If it is exhausted, a full charge will take approximately 3 hours. A shorter time interval will be necessary if only a partial recharge is required to return to 100% capacity.

Efficient brakes to stop your Swagger 3 Pro in any situation

The overall construction of the Swagger 3 Pro electric scooter is made of sturdy aluminum. It can support an average adult up to 220 pounds (100 kg) and carry it comfortably. To stop the Swagger 3 Pro, the firm Swagtron developed it with two systems: First electric, using the front motor to stop it and can be operated from the handlebars. Second, the traditional taco brake on the rear, where you step with the taco foot the fender and by friction, stops the rotation of the rear wheel.

swagger 3 pro electric scooter
swagger 3 pro electric scooter
swagger 3 pro electric scooter

Front and rear lights for your Swagtron Pro

With regard to lighting, the Swagger 3 Pro has LED front and rear lights, which allows you to visualize obstacles on the road and at the same time be seen by drivers or people who pass through the street at night. As these attachments are designed for a friendly relationship between light output and energy consumption, we advise you to purchase a set of additional lights to mount in the front and broaden the visual spectrum. Remember that being a scooter with small wheels, like all the others in the same category, it is important to anticipate any inconvenience on the route with the time necessary to avoid it safely.

LED panel showing all you need to know

In the central handlebar, Swagtron incorporated for the Swagger 4 Pro, an LED panel that provides useful information on the state of charge of the battery and the speed developed. Next you’ll find the button panel where it stands out, the on/off button, lights on, the driving mode and a very valuable detail: The ability to activate the cruise speed and let the electric scooter move without having to hold the throttle in the required position. You will also find the USB port to connect your Smartphone or similar device. Finally, the charging port will be located in the same place.

swagger 3 pro electric scooter

Swagtron Swagger Electric Scooter, an excellent option for city commuters.

In short, the Swagger 3 Pro electric scooter goes a step further with this single-person transport vehicle by including a truly effective rear-wheel-mounted suspension system that provides better driving comfort on irregular terrain. The implementation of high performance batteries in the pole of the scooter leaving the deck free, provides a modern and stylish design well achieved that attracts the eyes wherever it circulates. The 250w engine responds very well to the accelerator and its 3 levels of speed is very useful especially when you want to have better control over the march in areas of high pedestrian traffic. The cruising speed option becomes necessary when you begin to use it because it allows you to enjoy the journey by not having to be aware of maintaining speed. As a vehicle of transport within the city or as an entertainment vehicle, the Swagger 3 Pro electric scooter is a very successful option of the Swagtron brand that deserves to be taken into consideration.

swagger 3 pro electric scooter

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